Cash Stash

Cash Stash encourages savings by rounding up transactions to the nearest dollar with the difference going into a savings account. Cash Stash is FREE for ages 13-22. Get your student on the right financial path with Cash Stash!

Cashtastic Checking

Earn high dividends and refunds on ATM withdrawal fees.* You read that right — this is free checking that pays you in ways that matter! Earn up to 3.51% APY* on your balance up to $10,000. You’ll also get refunds on withdrawal fees from any ATM you use in the United States — whether you’re…

Cash Back Checking

Earn cash back and refunds on ATM withdrawal fees.* Whether it’s a trip down to the grocery store, a tank of gas, or anything else, Cash Back Checking pays 3.00% cash back on your debit card purchases — up to $144 cash back per year!* You’ll also get cash back with refunds on your ATM…