Coin Counting

TCCU has partnered with Coinstar for Financial so you can securely transfer your coins directly to your checking account from any participating Coinstar kiosk.

It’s swift, simple, and safe:
1. Select “transfer” and swipe debit card
2. Pour coins
3. Transfer is credited quickly

This partnership gives you the speed, security, and efficiency you rely on from TCCU at the big green machine you know, giving you access to the Coinstar network in grocery stores and retail locations across the country. Locate a participating Coinstar kiosk near you and bank on your time, on your terms!

Find a kiosk at

Please note that Coinstar will charge our members a 5% convenience fee, which is lower than their usual 12.5% convenience fee for sorting and counting coin. And our coin counters in each of our lobbies remain free to members.