Safety Tips

Top 10 Tips for Mobile and Online Banking

To keep your accounts safe, TCCU urges you to take the following security precautions:

  1. Use strong passwords that have numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols. Create different user IDs and passwords for all financial accounts.
  2. Never use a Social Security number or other sensitive information as a user ID, PIN or password. It can be used to gain access to accounts.
  3. Think before you reply. Don’t respond to emails that claim to be from the credit union and request personal information. Mark as spam, delete and alert your CU right away.
  4. Avoid freeloading. Be wary of free software and email attachments from unknown sources. It can expose computers to malware that leads to online fraud and theft.
  5. Set mobile devices to lock automatically. After a few minutes, unused phones should automatically lock and require a password or PIN to reactivate.
  6. Use mobile device security features. Leave built-in mobile security features in place. Never hack or jailbreak phones. It opens them up to security risks.
  7. Update security software. Keep all software, including antivirus protection, updated, and enable firewall protection on your mobile device.
  8. Encrypt stored data. Use encryption software like Kaspersky on your phone to protect sensitive messages from your CU, pictures of valid checks and other sensitive data.
  9. Verify text messages. Got a text that appears to be from a CU? Before opening it, call the CU first to make sure they were the sender.
  10. Get smart about Wi-Fi. Avoid financial transactions over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Use an encrypted network with a password. Keep Bluetooth off when not in use.