Charitable Giving

Texoma Community Credit Union has a rich tradition of supporting our community through charitable giving. TCCU seeks to address critical issues and needs by providing financial assistance to accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, ISDs, schools, colleges, and universities. We are committed to supporting communities, projects and organizations in the Texoma field of membership area.

Important Considerations:

  • Preference will be shown to requests submitted from organizations that are TCCU members, or from individuals who are TCCU members and are closely associated with organizations that address our strategic priorities.
  • Please give ample time for a review of your request. A minimum of 60 days for review and action on your request is required.
  • Our giving program is budgeted annually and is subject to the availability of funds.


TCCU also provides staff volunteers to worthy organizations within our community. Please give at least 60 days notice, and include information on number of volunteers needed, and a brief job description.

All requests for charitable giving and volunteers can be sent to [email protected].