Texoma Community Credit Union is pleased to announce exciting changes to your Debit Card! In early September you will receive a new TCCU debit card in the mail. This new card will replace your existing card.


You may begin using your new card on Wednesday, September 17th. Please be sure to destroy your old card at that time.  On September 17 all old cards will be deactivated.  You will be required to activate the new card before using it for purchases.  Simply follow the instructions that will appear on the front of the card when you receive it.  Also note that cards issued on joint accounts will no longer share the same card number or PIN.

IMPORTANT: If you have used your existing Texoma Community Credit Union Debit MasterCard to pay for services that are billed directly to your card, such as Internet services, insurance, gym fees, etc., be sure to contact these vendors and provide your new card number as soon as you receive it so that your service is not interrupted.

If you have questions about your new card, please contact Texoma Community Credit Union at (940)851-4000.

We appreciate your continued business!