Douglas F. Bayless

Douglas F. Bayless

Board Member

Term Expiration: 2020

Douglas F. Bayless (Doug) retired as Chief Financial Officer from Texoma Community Credit Union in 2014 after faithfully serving the Board of Directors and Management for 16 years. Doug earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from Liberty University in 1999 and his Masters of Business Administration from Cameron University in 2000.

He is especially gifted at balance sheet management and forensic accounting. (When the Murrah Federal Building was blown up in Oklahoma City in 1995, Doug was called on by the credit union operating in that building to completely restore their accounting. His work was praised by the credit unions Board and Management.)

Doug has 44 years of banking & credit union experience. He has worked with Boards of Directors at many credit unions as he served as an Auditor for Credit Unions. Further, he was present monthly for over 15 years at the Texoma Community Credit Union’s Board meetings.