Balanced Life: Reality Fair

BALANCEDLife is a FREE budget simulation for the classroom. Each participant receives a scenario that
describes the life of an adult couple. The scenarios include assigned occupations and incomes. Participants will need to navigate adulthood by making choices on housing, transportation, food, clothing, etc… all without busting their budget

This exercise aligns with the national financial literacy standards set around decision-making, earning an income, saving, and buying goods and services. It has a pre-lesson on the PACED model of decision-making and a post-lesson to practice math (percentages) while reinforcing budget categories.
We would love to come out and do this program live in the classroom and bring the full BALANCEDLife Reality Fair to you.

For more information or to sign up please contact Leah Bishop at [email protected] or call (940) 851-4015