Fraudulent Text Alert

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June 24, 2024

We received reports of text messages that appears to be from us, asking people to verify a charge on their account or telling them their account is overdrawn and locked. These text messages are NOT from us! Please do NOT click the links.

How To Tell If The Message is Legitimate:

If you have text message notifications set up on your account, you’ll notice that text messages from us do not ask you to click a link to verify a charge or unlock an account.

What To Do:

If you have clicked the link in the fraudulent text, it will prompt you to log in to your account. DO NOT LOG IN via that link. It will capture your login info and your account will be susceptible to takeover.

If this happens, we recommend you go directly to and change your password immediately. Then monitor your account closely for any transactions you did not initiate, and call the fraud number on the back of your debit card if you see any. That number is 1-888-241-2510.

Is My Account Safe?

If you did not click the link, your account is secure. This fraudulent text went out to 940 numbers that do not even have a TCCU account, so the spammers were attempting to reach account holders, without knowing who they are, and trick them into clicking.

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