TCCU Partners with Co-Op Financial Services for Improved Debit Card Experience

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June 29, 2020

As our members, you are our number one priority. We listen as much as we can, and take that feedback to create the best possible experience for you when using our services.

As a result of your feedback, we’re looking forward to September for one big reason – we’re upgrading to a new debit card service provider!

The switch from Transfund to Co-Op Financial Services will come with:

  • Enhanced services and features
  • A new smartphone app to help manage your alerts and finances
  • Improved ATMs
  • Less service interruptions when using your debit cards
  • No more worries about reaching us after hours – a new 24/7 help hotline will be available to all members who have any questions or problems with their card.

New debit cards will be mailed out to every single member late August/early September, as we prepare to flip the switch officially on September 28, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My new Co-Op debit card arrived early. Should I throw away my current card and activate my new card?

A: No. Do not throw away your old debit card until you’ve confirmed your new card works on September 28. You may activate your new card as soon as it arrives, but the new cards will not work until that date.

Q: How do I tell if the card I received is the new Co-Op card?

A: All Transfund cards are maroon. If you receive these in the mail, they will hold you over until September 28. All new Co-Op cards are white with a maroon T. These will work beginning September 28.

Transfund Debit Cards (Valid through September 27, 2020)

Co-Op Debit Cards (Valid beginning September 28, 2020)

Q: My debit card expires between now and September. Will I receive a new card before then?

A: Yes. If your card expires between now and September, you will receive a card issued by Transfund to hold you over until the conversion on September 28. It is possible you may only have that card a month or two, before the new Co-Op card arrives.

Q: Will our card numbers change?

A: Yes, your debit card numbers will change. Your account number will not.

Q: Will my PIN number change?

A: When you call in to activate your new card, the automated system will prompt you to set a PIN number. At that time, you may choose a new PIN, or type in your current PIN to continue using the same number.

Q: I have auto payments set up for several services and bills. Will I need to change my payment information so they still go through?

A: If you have your payment set up as a bank draft (meaning you input your account number and our TCCU routing number to set up the payment), you will not need to update your payment information. If you set up your payment as a debit transaction with your card number, this information will need to be updated to your new card number on September 28 to ensure there is no lapse in coverage of your payments.

More questions? Give us a call at 940-851-4000!