4 Scams To Avoid This Cyber Monday

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Nov 1, 2019

  • Bogus Deals – Don’t believe an advertised price that is ridiculously low. It may be a scam and you’ll never get the goods you order. Always check the website or retailer or are ordering from to make sure it is a reputable site.
  • Bait & Switch Sweepstakes – Never share your personal details on a site whose authenticity you can’t verify. The promised sweepstakes is just the scammer’s bait to get to your information.
  • Delivery Problems – If you receive an email claiming there’s been a problem with the delivery of your purchases, be wary-they’re likely scams. To make sure this does not happen check the return address for the email claim. Reputable emails will have authentic emails where as scams will have email address that do not particularly make sense or are spelled correctly.
  • Wire Transfers – This Cyber Monday, use your credit card. It offers you the most protection against purchases that don’t turn out to be what you expected.

If you get caught in a scam this year do not forget to contact Texoma Community Credit Union to keep your financial information safe.