Tips to Earn Your Cash Back

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Jan 11, 2018

If you go online to view your transactions, you may have noticed the added description “SIGN Purchase” or “PIN Purchase” where the name of the retailer you visited appears.

This is one more step we’ve put in place to help you easily identify which of your transactions went through as “SIGN” or credit transactions, and qualified toward your Kasasa Checking Rewards. (Note: Transactions must still be over id=”mce_marker”0 each to qualify.)

Another step we’ve taken to help our members earn their rewards is to visit popular retailers in our area where members have had trouble getting their new chip card to swipe as credit.

A few tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ASK. Simply taking the time to ask the cashier, “Which button do I press for credit?” can mean more rewards on your statement that month.
  2. Every retailer should be able to let you run your debit card as credit. If you learn of a merchant that will not let you run as credit, please LET US KNOW and we will give you a reward for passing on the information. We want to know so that we can visit that store and troubleshoot for you.
  3. Often at gas stations, the screen on the pump will ask if you would like to use a debit or credit card. Even though your debit card is not technically a credit card, go ahead and select “credit card” so that it will process as a “SIGN” transaction when it goes through.
  4. Sometimes the way to select “credit” is not obvious:
  • Sam’s Club Gas Station – When it asks you to enter a pin, look for “cancel” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Press “cancel” and the transaction will go through as credit. It will show up on your statement as “SIGN PURCHASE” and count towards your rewards.
  • Walmart – When you insert your chip card, the keypad will process and then ask “Would you like cash back?” Select “no” and the screen to enter your PIN will appear. Instead of entering your PIN, hit the “other” button in the lower right-hand corner and a new screen will appear. It will give you the option to “Sign For Purchase.” Press that button to allow the transaction to process as credit.
  • United Supermarkets/Market Street – When the keypad asks you to enter your PIN, hit the green circle button on the keypad next to the number keys, instead of entering your pin. This should allow your card to process as credit.
  • Dollar General – If you have a chip card, you will hit the green button to run the transaction as credit. If you have a regular card, you will hit the red button to run the transaction as credit.
  • Sam’s Club – Insert membership card and select pay with other method, insert chip card and defaults to enter PIN. Select “Other” in lower right side of screen, allows two options, one is process with signature.


  • Walgreen’s – Defaults to enter PIN, press yellow key to process as credit.
  • Lowe’s and Natural Grocers – Select “Credit Card” from payment options on the screen. Insert chip card and when asked for PIN, select green “X” button for credit. When you do this, it will ask for your PIN again. Go ahead and type PIN but transaction will come through as a SIGN Purchase. Terminals at both Lowe’s and Natural Grocers are programmed to require a PIN even though it hits the account as credit.