Get More Vacation … For Less!

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May 18, 2017


Get More Vacation…For Less!

Summer Vacation — two simple words that, to most, mean a much-anticipated escape to paradise for a long week away from worries and responsibilities. But where are you planning to go? Lolling about on sandy beaches may sound like a dream to some, but tourist destinations can get too pricey too quickly for the average budget. For a truly unforgettable experience, get creative with your family and consider these ideas, which won’t blow a fortune.

Raging Road Trip

Regardless of where you live, there’s bound to be a scenic countryside that is just waiting to be explored. Fortunately, the art of the cheap road trip isn’t tough to master. Grab a ride and pile in your family or friends to share the cost of gas and overnight stays; you’re bound to enjoy a memorable vacation with your family or a chance to relax with your best pals. Plan to cook some of your own meals instead of snagging snack packs and fast food meals for a budgeted bonding experience. Innovative online tools like can also help you locate cheap gas in any location.


Creative Camping

If you love the outdoors, crawl the web to check out local camping sites for a summer vacation on the cheap. And if you’re not completely up for connecting with nature in terms of tents and sleeping bags, camping doesn’t have to mean just blankets and sleeping beneath the stars. Cabin rentals tend to be less expensive than the average hotel (especially if booked way in advance), so gathering your family or a group of friends to rent a great deal on a lake may make an inexpensive yet enjoyable vacation.


Volunteering on Vacation

In recent years, volunteering instead of vacationing has become a sweeping trend for many millennials. Volunteering helps connect children – and families – to others while improving the self-confidence of the volunteer. It allows people to give to the community and others, even if they don’t have the financial means to do so. Teens can learn more about their interests, and can even build their college resume. And when families volunteer and give back together, they reinforce the strength of family bonds while cultivating relationships within the family unit.