Fraud Protection Alert

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Sep 14, 2016


As we continue to protect your financial future, one measure that we have taken to reduce the risk of fraud happening on your account is to block suspicious transactions before they happen. We do this by identifying particularly high risk areas based on current fraud activity. Current blocks in place:

  • Various grocery stores in the Dallas area (Bedford, Dallas, Arlington, Irving, Richland Hills, Hurst and Richardson)
  • Various gas stations in Odessa and Midland
  • High-dollar transactions at any (including local) Dollar General or Target
  • Transactions coming from New York or made internationally

If you find yourself attempting to use your Texoma Community Credit Union debit card in any of these circumstances and your card is declined, simply call us at 940-851-4000 to confirm your identity and we can unblock that transaction and allow you to use your card within minutes.

In general, if your card is not working but you know you have money in your account, please give us a call and we can double check if the transaction may have been blocked to prevent potential fraud.

To ensure uninterrupted use of your card, please also alert us to any travel plans you may have.