Target Security Breach

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December 19, 2013

Dear Valued Members, 

Please be advised that if you made a purchase at Target from November 27, 2013 – December 15, 2013 you are at risk of having your debit/credit card information compromised. This is not just a TCCU issue. Anyone who shopped at Target during this time is affected. TCCU is being proactive and letting our members know before the fraud occurs.

Texoma Community Credit Union is safe and secure. Target’s poor security has put millions of cardholders and approximately 600 TCCU members at risk. TCCU is contacting those members via email and phone calls. We are suspending their debit card. This is for the members’ protection and we regret any frustration this may cause. The holiday shopping and travel season makes this especially difficult and we are trying to be as accommodating as possible while also protecting our members’ security. Your financial security is always first.

All 600 affected cards will be suspended by close of business Friday, December 20. Affected members are urged to withdrawal cash at the point of sale or an ATM to have funds available for needed purchases. We will reissue new debit cards immediately and will contact members when their cards arrive. Please continue to monitor your account and let us know of possible fraudulent charges.

It is Texoma Community Credit Union’s position that Target’s system is insecure. A secure network would not have allowed this breach to occur; however, Target does not foot the bill for the fraud their system allowed. Your credit union must incur those costs. If this seems unfair to you or has you as steaming mad as we are, please join us in letting our congressmen know that legislation is needed to hold retailers responsible.

To read what Target is doing please click here.


The Texoma Community Credit Union Team of account guardians, protectors, fraud preventers, and all around good guys (and gals).