2012 Report Info

Board Members and Date of Term Expiration

Terms Expiring March 2013:

Marilyn Darnall
Bill Willis 

Terms Expiring March 2014:

Dan Gary
Robert Russell, Jr.
Dik Pittman

Terms Expiring March 2015:

Steve Bryan
Ripley Tate

Advisory Directors

Terms Expiring March 2015

Degie Parrish
Michael Valverde
David Farabee
Audit Committee

Terms Expiring March 2013

Ed Downing, Sr.
Gabriela Nesbitt
Xochitl Pruit

TCCU Membership Size:

Membership changed to 10,980 members due to a purge of inactive accounts. 

Change in senior management: Doug Bayless, CFO is now Strategic Analyst